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Different industries with different structures and operating in different economic environments have different needs in terms of the areas in which standards can bring substantially better performance. With unparalleled expertise, skills and experience, the AFNOR Group guarantees industry the services and product packages needed to handle these complex needs.

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Industries involved in producing products like paper, cement, chemicals and even pharmaceuticals should be focusing on tightening how they manage the environmental impacts of their industrial processes.


Industrial subcontracting, for example, needs to mobilize a powerful management system to increase productivity. The mining industry is pushed to implement environmental protection tools and at the same time implement a different set of tools to improve workplace hygiene, safety and health for mining workers. The electronics and IT industries, on the other hand, have to contend with a different source of pressure, as they need to constantly stay a step ahead of innovations that can reshape their entire market.


In short, every different industry faces a specific set of issues and challenges. The AFNOR Group's core strength lies in being able to partner them in ensuring that their products and industrial processes are conform to standard, as a means of responding effectively to the demands of their operating environment.


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